I turn feelings into words and sounds.

Each composition is created with care given to the experience of the listener with feedback confirming that the soundscapes I create, create a sense of timelessness.

Compositions are created using orchestral programming software and beautiful virtual instrument libraries.

Early videos were prepared using OpenShot Video Editor, Images from Pexels, Videvo and Pixabay with title screens and credits created using Canva.

More recent videos are created entirely in CanvaPro

BBC airtime

Here are playlists for both YouTube and Soundcloud that contain songs played on various BBC shows! Thank you to @BBCintroducing! #music #composer #radio #classical #relax #soundtrack List of tracks and airtime information: DateShowChannelTypeTrackLink (if there is one)14-Oct-21In TuneBBC Radio 3Drive time Live Show and available for 1 month afterPeaks14-Oct-21In TuneBBC Radio 3Drive time Live Show…

Dance Film Music Commission – for the Isle of Man Arts Council

Sollys – which means ‘light’ in Manx- is a dance film produced by the Isle of Man’s Arts Council intern, Sophie Linham. It was premiered this past Thursday the 23 March 2023 at the Erin Arts Centre as part of the Arts Council’s Film Showcase. The event enjoyed a full house! The film has now…

Sollys – Isle of Man Arts Council Film

Here is the trailer for Sollys – the film Sophie Linham the Isle of Man Arts Council’s intern made. This is a wonderful collaboration of dance, visual art and music against a backdrop of our beautiful island, the Isle of Man. In Sophie’s words “‘Sollys’ explores the relationship between dance and different natural and man made environments on…

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