Composer, creating classical music to listen to

Below is a small sample of the music I create/ compose. The categories below help to convey the different styles I am inspired to create. There are 67+ songs like the below at my SoundCloud profile, some of which have been used to create beautiful audio visuals – See YouTube Portfolio.

Piano Theme

Piano being main instrument, often provides inspiration for music.

Orchestral/ Choir Theme

Cello is a favourite to compose for, however early compositions feature Horns.

Soundtrack Sketches

Music to go with scenes, to create a particular ambience or to help create emotion.

Making music to move you


A composer living on the Isle of Man creating orchestral classical music. Inspired by nature and the universe.

Compositions are Neo-classical, and a fusion of electronic and orchestral. They convey vast soundscapes, and are multi-textured and layered compositions to create ambience and timelessness.


Composer living on the Isle of Man. Inspired by nature and the universe.